Breakfast for dinner – Healthy French Toast


We LOVE breakfast for dinner.
But, since we’ve been trying to eat healthier I try to make a few swaps.

Wheat bread rather than regular or thick french bread.
Eggs of course.
Fat Free Milk. (yes, it works surprisingly well)
Sprinkle of Cinnamon and Sugar after they’ve been cooked.
Tonight I actually added Pumpkin Spice into the egg and milk mixture.
Fall Flavor!!! Divine!!!

In case you’ve never made French Toast here’s whatcha do!

Crack eggs into a bowl. (I usually go with 1 egg per 2 pieces of bread)
Add milk. I’ve gotten so accustomed to looking that I don’t have a measurement. It usually ends up looking like it’s 1 to 1 eggs to milk.
Mix eggs and milk with a fork.
Add in Pumpkin Spice if that’s what you’d like to do! (about 1 tsp)
Dip bread into egg and milk mixture.
Cook on medium high heat on both sides.
Sprinkle one side with Cinnamon and Sugar.


💋 Raye

R. Dopson


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